Hey, guys! Kaycee here. Welcome!

I'm Florida girl enjoying life with my family. I am married to my best friend Dan and we have one sweet daughter Elli, an energetic mutt Piper, and laid back boxer Carl. I am a follower of Christ and while I'm not perfect, I strive to be more like Him.


A Little More About Me...


A few of my favorites are...

  • Cuddling with my little family
  • Traveling and exploring new places
  • Shopping at Target
  • Drinking a medium hazelnut iced coffee
  • Watching 90s sitcoms
  • "Oy with the poodles already."
  • Reading editorials and obituaries
  • Scentsy
  • Making weird faces at the camera
  • Being behind the camera and taking videos and pictures
  • Encouraging others
  • Anne and Gilbert, Lizzie and Darcy, Captain Swan, Doug and Carrie, DJ and Steve, Corey and Topanga, Sean and Catherine, Rory and Jess...
  • The color aqua and teal
  • Oversized fluffy blankets
  • Tervis tumblers
  • Rain

I don't like...

Photo Courtesy: Broken Road Photography

Photo Courtesy: Broken Road Photography

  • Hot weather (Sweating is gross)
  • Humidity (My hair gets big and fluffy)
  • The word moist (EW)
  • Pears. (I would not fit in Genovia)

Random Facts About Me and Dan...

  • Dan sat across from me in Business Math class in 12th grade. I got us in trouble because I asked him if I could borrow a pencil. (We had a strict substitute that day.)
  • We have very similar personalities. He's an ISTJ and I'm an ISFJ.
  • We both have a brother named Tim. To distinguish the two, we call his brother Moose.
  • We binge-watched the tv show Lost in about a month. We haven't found a tv show to binge-watch together since. (Suggestions?!)

I saw a quote one day that said "Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside." This quote resonated with me especially after several years working with teenage and college-aged girls. Too often, society is tearing young women down. And the tearing down and bullying does not stop. From the girl who is told she is too fat and ugly, to the mom who is shamed for breastfeeding in public. Too often, society shows that this is okay.

It is NOT okay.

We need to encourage, inspire and uplift the millennial woman. We need to show love and compassion towards one another. We need to learn from each other and teach each other.

First, be bold. Stand tall and be courageous. Don't let society tear you down. Don't let others define you. Don't be afraid to be that voice.

Second, be sweet. Encourage others. Reach out to your neighbor, or that new person. Walk with a smile on your face. Uplift your tribe.

Have grace. Show compassion. Be forgiving. Have mercy.

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